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What is this place?

Nothing special. This is my simple home page. Simple because it's actually nothing more than a bunch of basic html + css pages with as little php as possible.

You will find no fancy graphic effects or javascripts: I'm not a web developer, so learning how to do cool webpages would take me an effort in time that I prefer to put into exploration of other interesting stuff. Sorry for that, anyhow.

Ok, so who the heck are you? And why should I care?

I don't know why you should care, I guess you care enough if you still keep reading.

My real name is Giovanni Simoni, and I'm a university student. I took my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at University of Trento (Italy), and now I'm studying to get a master degree in Embedded Systems. Also this is my C.V..

Actually life is not always so complicated: for sake of semplicity you may call me Dacav. I'm a guy that gets fun by using a computer, and I love low-level programming.